Old Holland Claessens Stretched Belgian Linen – Lot of 2


Old Holland Claessens Oil Primed Stretched Belgian Linen Canvas are crafted from woven natural flax from Belgium. These are natural products, with small differences in their color, composition, and surface feel, leading to a unique end product. They feature 100% Belgian linen prepared with two coats of oil primer and then stretched around robust 13/16″ stretcher bars and back-stapled to the frame for strength. The production is still inspired today by the proven techniques and methods from the times of the great Flemish and Dutch Masters. The canvas is double sized and then carefully primed by knife with Zinc White bound in linseed oil. The canvas is then naturally air-dried for three days. It is then sanded with the utmost care and a final coating based on Titanium White is applied with knife and roller.

Features: – 13/16″ deep – 100% Belgian linen, Medium Texture – Linen manufactured from natural flax – Claessens oil priming – Prepared with two coats of oil primer – Primed weight of 11 oz per square yard – Available in both stretched linen and roll – Back stapled for frameless presentation – 60″ X 5.5 Yard Oil Primed Linen Roll

Recommended for: – Archival, museum-quality pieces – Traditional oil painting – Conservation studies – Easy to restretch the canvas if desired.

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