• PanPastel

    PanPastel (33)

    PanPastel® colors are a revolutionary new medium for artists. These are the first pastels that have the unique benefit of being inter-mixable, eliminating the need to invest in hundreds of colors for a complete pastel palette. Artists working in pastel can achieve a more painterly effect than ever before, including techniques for blocking in large areas of color in seconds…
  • Colourfix Pastel Primer

    Colourfix Pastel Primer (41)

    Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Papers and boards are acid-free, hot pressed watercolour surfaces screen printed with Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Primer. They provide an excellent surface for dry media such as soft pastels, PanPastel®, charcoal and pencils as well as being suitable for acrylics, oils, inks, oil pastels, gouache and watercolour. The natural toothy surface will hold multiple layers of pastel without…