Williamsburg Oils

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    Williamsburg Oil Paints are produced in the USA by Golden Artist Colors and are made from the finest pigments gathered from all over the world. The paint is manufactured in small batches and each pigment is ground and mixed according to its own individual characteristics. Only the finest pure, premium, alkali-refined and ph-balanced linseed oil is used. Every ounce of paint is checked and scrutinized before it is packed in non-reactive aluminum tubes. Williamsburg oils are used by the world’s finest artists and can be seen in recent acquisitions in the finest museums. ALL COLORS ARE AVAILABLE IN 37ml and 150ml tubes. (Note: All 150ml are special ordered and are non-returnable.)

    Williamsburg Oils feature high pigment concentration and intensely beautiful and unique colors.
    NOW AVAILABLE!- A traditional oil ground made with basic lead carbonate and marble dust for the correct amount of tooth and absorbency, then adding a slight amount of Titanium White to improve opacity and brightness. Ground in 100% alakli-refined linseed oil. Contains no Zinc or alkyd.