• Winsor & Newton Oils

    Winsor & Newton Oils (110)

    Winsor & Newton offers excellent quality in their world-famous Artists Oil Colors. Great care is taken in the selection of the finest pigments and in maximizing each color's individual characteristics. These colors feature excellent handling and very high tinting strength. All colors in 37ml tubes. Whites also available in 120ml tubes. UP TO 40% DISCOUNT!
  • Williamsburg Oils

    Williamsburg Oils (186)

    Williamsburg Oil Paint - Limited Time Special Offer! We carry the full line of Williamsburg Oils - Always in Stock Order $150* of Williamsburg Oils and receive absolutely FREE: - 9 Mini Tubes of Williamsburg Oils (5ml each) in an exciting variety of colors! - 3 Bristle Brushes - Free Shipping!
  • Sennelier Rive Gauche

    Sennelier Rive Gauche (54)

    Designed to dry faster and resist yellowing, Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Colors are a great addition to your palette. The Rive Gauche formula boasts a quicker drying time than classic oil brands, making them a great choice when painting multiple layers. While another Titanium White may take more than a week to dry, Rive Gauche dries in as little as…
  • RGH Cremnitz Whites

    RGH Cremnitz Whites (4)

    RGH offers the largest selection of Flake White and Cremnitz White oil paints on the market today. As fewer and fewer companies are making Flake White, here at RGH we are proud to be expanding our inventory to fill this important need in the painting community. Cremnitz White is another term, for a Flake White, that is pure in the…
  • Old Holland Oils

    Old Holland Oils (168)

    Old Holland Oil Paint - Full inventory! We carry the full line of Old Holland Oils - Always in Stock Order $150 of Old Holland Oil Paints and receive the above FREE Brush Special and: 1 FREE 40ml Tube of Old Holland Titanium White plus, FREE SHIPPING!
  • Michael Harding

    Michael Harding (111)

    Michael Harding Oil Paint and Mediums We carry the full line of Michael Harding - Always in Stock When ordering $150.00, or more, of Michael Harding Oils you will receive our FREE Brush special plus: • Receive 4 FREE 15ml samples of Michael Harding: Scarlet Lake, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Lake, and Warm White! "Our paints are made by hand, using…
  • Maimeri Restoration Colors

    Maimeri Restoration Colors (32)

    A unique palette for the art of saving art! Reliability is required for the reproducibility and brilliance of every tone, from the colors of medieval and Renaissance paintings to those of contemporary art. They have been created to endure unaltered but at the same time are always suited to being removed. This line of colors requires raw materials of extraordinary…
  • Gamblin Artist Oils

    Gamblin Artist Oils (97)

    Gamblin Artist's Oils are crafted with the well-being of artists and the environment in mind. True to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent, they combine the best traditions of the past with the latest technical innovations. Made with the finest grades of pigment available, Gamblin Artist's Oils have luscious working properties, and each color possesses unique characteristics in…
  • Cranfield Artists Oils

    Cranfield Artists Oils (43)

    NEW!!! Exclusively from The Italian Art Store! Cranfield Oil Paints: Made by UK professionals for professionals A note from Cranfield: Our skilled artisans use the finest grade pigments and the purest refined oils available to create paints that are full of character, luminous and vibrant. Each recipe is as natural and true as possible, made with a ‘lighter touch’ to…
  • Blockx Oils

    Blockx Oils (85)

    Blockx Oil Paints are still made the traditional way on 3-roll stone mills & use the highest possible pigment concentration. We offer great sale prices! Blockx Oils have been a perennial best seller with the Italian Art Store for the past 20 years. All colors are ground in poppyseed oil. These Belgian oils are of the absolute highest quality. The…