Canvas & Linen

  • Museo Flanders Linen

    Museo Flanders Linen (7)

    Canvas rolls are a good option for artists who want to stretch their own canvas or need alternative sizes. Museo offers a range of canvas rolls in two sizes; 105 and 210cm wide. From light weight cotton for smaller artworks to high quality, heavy duty linen for the bigger formats.
  • Italian Art Store Linen

    Italian Art Store Linen (3)

    Whether imported from Belgium and Poland or made in the U.S.A., all Italian Art Store Gallery Wrap Linen is chosen for its superior quality. Our linens are double hand-primed pure linen and are woven to produce consistent textures. They are all hand primed to create superior painting ground. Select among 3 different primes, Oil, Acrylic, or Lead prime. 3/4" Deep
  • Artfix Linen Rolls Imported- France

    Artfix Linen Rolls Imported- France (4)

    A range of canvases is available from the tightest weave, finest tooth quadruple primed Belgian “handkerchief” linen to robust heavy toothed linens ideal for large format works. Artfix Linen - These are the only pre-primed canvases that are double sized before priming. A specially formulated acrylic sizing is applied to every canvas twice to completely isolate the fabric from the…