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  • Winsor & Newton Brushes

    Winsor & Newton Brushes (1)

    Synthetic hair mimics the look and feel of mongoose hair. It is stiffer than sable, but softer than your average bristle. Suitable for oils or acrylics. Gold ferrules with long, lacquered handles. Series 5501, 5502, 5503 & 5504
  • Silver Brush

    Silver Brush (2)

    A breakthrough brush for all media, Bristlon is a stiff white synthetic designed for use in oils, water-mixable oils, caseines and acrylics. It has long-lasting interlocked construction and finely chiseled tips, providing excellent resiliency. After every stroke the brush returns perfectly to shape. Bristlon filaments hold color and release it evenly. It has a sensational resiliency that's ideal for heavy…
  • Rekab Brushes

    Rekab Brushes (9)

    This is the finest slant bristle brush we have seen. Made by Rekab, known for the highest quality sable oil brushes, this angular bristle brush holds its shape and gives you just the right amount of control to work with confidence. It is fully assembled by hand and maintains the excellent quality tradition of the Rekab family of brushes. Special…
  • Raphael Brushes

    Raphael Brushes (8)

    Raphael's best selling synthetic lines. Kaerell looks like natural hair, but it is completely synthetic and features sable-like filaments. Ideal for acrylics and watercolors.
  • Old Holland Brushes

    Old Holland Brushes (2)

    Old Holland Kolinsky Sable Brushes are excellent top quality oil long handle brushes from Old Holland. We've been testing these brushes for over a year and have been extremely pleased with the the results. All four shapes have fared well and maintained their shape. The brushes are full with generous amounts of kolinsky sable hair. These are ideal brushes even…
  • Isabey Brushes

    Isabey Brushes (6)

    This Pure Kolinsky Sable Round is handmade exclusively by master brush makers. This is the highest precision fine art brush available.
  • Colour Shapers

    Colour Shapers (8)

    Available in Soft or Firm tips. The ivory-colored tip is soft and designed for responsiveness with fluid and soft colours. The gray tip is firm and offers better control over heavy bodied paints.