Old Holland Acrylics

New Masters Classic Acrylics are the realization of a dream held by Professor Theo de Beer, Old Holland’s late owner, to develop a line of acrylics and acrylic mediums that would be used today by the “New Masters” of art, just as Old Holland oil paints were used by the Old Masters.

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    Old Holland – New Masters Classic Acrylics

    This line was developed specifically to complement Old Holland’s existing oil and watercolor ranges, yet incorporate the finest new pigments available today.  A pure acrylic binder sourced from a “boutique” European manufacturer, while more costly, imparts a unique characteristic to these paints, ensuring excellent adhesion, color retention, and working properties.

    The combination of high pigment load and a proprietary binding system results in colors that uniquely exhibit the characteristics of the individual pigments. They dry to a satin gloss and offer minimum brush drag, making them ideal for a variety of techniques, from high build impasto to ultra thin glazing.

    Get 3 FREE brushes with $150 or greater purchase of New Masters Acrylics.

    Receive 1 – Size 10 Flat, 1 – Size 12 Round, 1 – Size 16 Filbert
    The brushes are constructed from a unique synthetic filament that exhibits excellent working characteristics while offering unrivalled durability. These hand crafted brushes are the perfect compliment to New Masters Acrylics.