Derivan Matisse Acrylics

  • Matisse Structure Acrylics

    Matisse Structure Acrylics (97)

    Matisse Structure Formula is a rich impasto paint that artists love. Available in 95 colours, Matisse Structure Formula paint is ideal for application with a brush or palette knife for striking textured effects, or combined with the range of Matisse Mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish.
  • Matisse Mediums

    Matisse Mediums (14)

    Derivan's range of Matisse Painting Mediums are complementary products designed to make acrylic paint more versatile. They can be used with the Matisse Structure and Flow formulas, Matisse Inks and Matisse Background ranges.
  • Matisse Fluid Acrylics

    Matisse Fluid Acrylics (40)

    Matisse Fluid Acrylics, have a very smooth, runny but slightly dense viscosity. Being highly pigmented, the colours will appear dark and intense on initial application but can be spread easily with a brush or mixed with water to reveal the colour graduation. The intensity of the colour is what makes Matisse Fluid ideal for tinting. the consistency allows precise drop-by-drop…
  • Matisse Flow Acrylics

    Matisse Flow Acrylics (95)

    Matisse Flow Formula has all the attributes of the Structure Formula; however, it has a thinner viscosity to allow free flowing brushstrokes or use through an airbrush (with minimal dilution). This allows the paint to be used for fine brushwork with or without water dilution.
  • Matisse Dry Mediums

    Matisse Dry Mediums (18)

    Derivan has explored an extensive variety of minerals and man-made additives before finalizing their selection of Matisse Dry Mediums. These mediums, designed to mix with the existing Matisse and Derivan mediums, have a wealth of purposes. Many of them provide magnificent textural effects, never previously achievable. Others fulfill a more specific function, for example Microspheres, which provide bulk without weight…
  • Matisse Background Colours

    Matisse Background Colours (39)

    Build your art on a strong foundation with Matisse Background Colours: an all-purpose pure acrylic that can be applied to almost any surface. Matisse Background Colours are a highly pigmented low-tooth gesso. Used directly onto wood, the Background Colour will not only cover and create a great surface to paint on, but will also seal the surface with its built-in…
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