The Italian Art Store offers the complete line of Golden Acrylics in all colors and sizes. We carry a wide variety of types of Golden Acrylics: heavy body, fluid, matte, matte fluid, open, iridescent, interference, airbrush, fluorescent. We also carry the complete line of Golden mediums, varnishes, additives, gessos, and grounds. Golden’s consistently high quality and superior service allows us to offer you the best in product and delivery. Please call us for any questions about Golden Acrylic products 1-800-643-6440, weekdays 9 AM-4 PM Eastern Time. If you need any unusual Golden products give us a call.

Also available are Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylics and Matisse Acrylics from Australia.

  • Old Holland Acrylics

    Old Holland Acrylics (168)

    New Masters Classic Acrylics are the realization of a dream held by Professor Theo de Beer, Old Holland's late owner, to develop a line of acrylics and acrylic mediums that would be used today by the "New Masters" of art, just as Old Holland oil paints were used by the Old Masters.
  • Matisse Acrylics

    Matisse Acrylics (176)

    All Matisse Background Colors are especially designed for use on canvas (and board, etc.) however they have also been used extensively in interior domestic decoration.
  • Golden Artist Colors

    Golden Artist Colors (513)

    GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics are a true departure from all other acrylics on the market. Designed with a unique and relaxed set of working characteristics, OPEN Acrylics dramatically expand the range of techniques that are available to artists who prefer to use acrylics.
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